NAFT has been distinguished in providing all the needs to our valued customers with petrol, diesel, oils, car services and mini markets.

  • Abdulrahman Aldakhel Street, An Nahdah Dist, Jeddah
  • 9200-31987
  • 966-12-2889131
  • 966-12-2889131 Ext: 2309/2609
  • info@naft.com.sa

Quality fuels

NAFT has been committed to deliver quality fuel products to get people where they need to go. Today, we continue to lead the way – we uses international Equipment and Tools to provide and safeguard customers as well as Assets. We meet the performance needs of your vehicle. We focus on technology and innovation, so you can focus on everything else.

Portable Octane Analyzer

Determines the Pump Octane Number (AKI), Research Octane Number (RON), and Motor Octane Number (MON) of unleaded gasolines, and optional Cetane Index and Cetane Number for diesel fuels.

3D CalibeX

FIRST and ONLY in the World! 3D CalibeX is capable of completing calibration of underground fuel tanks within an average time of 30 minutes calculating the volume of underground fuel tanks with extreme accuracy.

Volumetric Calibration Unit

Volumetric Calibration Unit can speed the job of calibrating multiple fuel dispensing units, while at the same time, enhancing safety.


The unit comprises of a valve with intelligent control that can discriminate between petrol and diesel grades of fuel. The purpose of the unit is to stop the wrong product entering the tank and causing a misfuel / crossover.

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